Ethan Ashley

Orleans Parish School Board District 2 Raising The Standard of Education

Introducing Ethan Ashley

Ethan’s energetic and innovative leadership will put students, parents and educators first - fair, transparent funding and purpose-driven policies that will benefit the needs of all our children.

What makes Ethan different?

People want better education for their children and growth in their communities. Ethan understands the obstacles to get there. When it comes to policy, curriculum and budget Ethan will be committed to developing a program that is beneficial to your family. LET’S START GROWING AGAIN. Contribute to Ethan’s campaign to help him lead public education in District 2.


Join Ethan

Coming together, getting involved, and building relationships are necessary components to Ethan’s success this fall. With your support, we build community and start the journey towards lasting change in our schools.

Raising The Standard of Education

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